Editions: Cups, Tiles, etc.

Montana to North Carolina.

Mountains to water.




In June of 2014 Brian and I said farewell to our home, friends and jobs in Billings, MT and embarked on a new journey to Eastern North Carolina.   Staying at home with our two young boys Richie (3 ½) and Emmett (1 ½), while teaching ceramics part-time has opened up new possibilities in my studio practice. Making is now stemming from a very real need to communicate; to just be; and to purely enjoy the making process once again. Clay feels like an old friend…but the relationship needs a bit of revisiting. In considering how to recultivate this old bond in a new studio, new community, whilst my parental role as MOM is of utmost importance, I feel it is only honest my work reflects these changes.

Each month new ceramic works with illustrations will be featured as limited editions in series of TEN.  Each edition will be written about on this blog with process, inspiration and technique in mind.  The writing accompaniment acts as a sort of extension of each piece, a part of the story, a journaling attempt.

Follow me in this journey of new clays, glazes, and imagery. I look forward to sharing these limited editions with all of you who have supported me through the years!


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